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NEVER adjust monitor to match print....NEVER

NEVER adjust monitor to match print....that would be INCORRECT Color Management.

I will proceed to save your life:

Soft proofing is a term that describes using your monitor to produce a preview on screen that accurately shows what the printed output of a file will look like.
This takes a great deal of guesswork out of editing images for final output.

This might seem overwhelming at first, yet once mastered you will reign supreme
as the master of your digital universe !

This procedure assumes your monitor is calibrated with a 'screen puck' (the hardware) and its software. 6500 degrees K 2.2 Gamma

The appropriate Printer Profiles (.icc or .icm files) must be installed in the correct place.

Examples of these Printer Profile files: Adorama_Glossy.icc or MP_Color_CMYK_MAY07.icm

Mac OSX:
Main Hard Drive> Library> Application Support> Adobe> Color> Profiles> Recommended
(place them in the Recommended Folder)

Win2000: C: \ WinNT \ System32 \ Spool \ Drivers \ Color
WinXP: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Drivers \ Color

After placing these Profiles, quit the application Photoshop, and re-launch Photoshop.

How to create Proof Setups for our printing needs:

Open a sample image. Any .jpeg or .tiff will do.

View > Proof Setup > Custom ….the Customize Proof Condition dialog box appears.

Proof Conditions > Device to Simulate > find (choose) the Color Profile you are looking for… (In this example we are preparing for Adoramapix Glossy printing)
Preserve Numbers MUST be UN-CHECKED
Rendering Intent Your choice is between Relative Colorimetric and Perceptual.
Rendering intent refers to the way the CMM (Color Management Module)

will handle out-of-gamut colors during a conversion from one color space to another.

Since an Editing Profile (Prophoto, sRGB, aRGB, etc) always has a larger color-gamut than the destination Printing Profile, some alterations are made to fit the (larger) edit profile to the (smaller) printing profile.

When Coverting To from a (large) editing color space to a (much) smaller destination printing color space, sometimes banding can occur.
If you get banding with Relative Colorimetric, use Perceptual.

Black Point Compensation should be checked
Display Options (On-Screen) both items unchecked
Preview should be checked
Now press the Save button….the Save dialog box comes up…
Enter an appropriate (short) name that makes sense to you….
(In this example we are preparing for Adoramapix Glossy printing)
Name it: ADO_Glossy …press Save
…press OK to close the Customize Proof Condition dialog box.

Using Soft Proofing:

o Open an image which you will be Soft Proofing.
For this example the image file name I will use is Mydog.jpg

o Select Duplicate from the Image menu and place the two images so that both appear on
monitor together.
o Select this Duplicate image.
o Select View > Proof Setup > choose ADO_Glossy (now it's checked)
At the top of one image it will say: Mydog.jpg (RGB/8/ADO_Glossy)
At the top of the other image it will say Mydog.jpg (RGB/8)

Carefully compare these two versions….

Adjust the file (the RGB/8/ADO_Glossy) version using Adjustment Layers until you are happy.

When you are happy with your adjustments, Save As, as a .psd
(so as to retain all the Layers as separate, Not Flattened)

Flatten this .psd and Save As a .jpeg (Baseline Standard, Quality 12)
This jpeg is now almost ready for its purpose.

Now, Convert To Profile

(In PS 9 or 10) EDIT > Convert To Profile Choose the appropriate Destination Profile >
press OK

(In PS 8) Image > Mode > Convert To Profile > Choose the appropriate Destination Profile > press OK

Use Black Point Compensation and Use Dither are both CHECKED

Note: Convert To Profile actually transmutes the RGB numbers so that the image is now ready to be printed on that (specific) equipment via it's specific (icc or icm) profile.

Convert To Profile transmutes the RGB numbers and does NOT change the appearance of the image.

Now, Save As
And add AdoG to the file name: Mydog.jpg is saved as Mydog_AdoG.jpg
Now we know, by it's file name, what its purpose is.

Once you Convert To Profile…a file CANNOT/SHOULD NOT be converted back or used for any other purpose.

Using Save As, and changing the name, leaves the previous version untouched.

I can get Adorama C prints to match Modern Postcard (CMYK web press) results !
Due in large part to good (.icc or .icm) Printer Profiles issued by these folks.

Next monitor you buy, get it 12 bit capable…this aids Soft Proofing greatly.
Laptops are 6 bit.

(IF) a C printer provides NO Printer Profiles…they have NO Color Management !!

The exception would be if they have a RIP front-end that accepts sRGB…but they should tell you this, as a reason for not offering .icc Printer Profiles.
They should not only tell you, they should brag about it.


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