Slide Copiers for EF bodies

Started Jun 2, 2002 | Discussions thread
Samir Kharusi Senior Member • Posts: 1,421
Strange that you are even asking...

Sam Kremer wrote:

Hi Aaron,

Wow! Thanks for the reply. I have a 50mm Canon macro lens but was
worried about getting it all set up and keeping it perpendicular
and repeatable etc.

Sam, you are overly nervous. That 50 macro (if you have the attachment for 1:1) is almost ideal. Just get a piece of opal glass or milk-white acrylic or plexiglass. Use your normal tripod looking down and a flashgun. Bottoms up will be: flashgun on floor, opal glass, slide, camera. Fire away. It actually works, excellently and very quickly. You can do 30 slides in 15 minutes set-up plus 15 minutes shooting. I expect you are familiar with how to determine flash exposure when the lens is at 1:1. If not, remember you need to add two stops + whatever is required for the opal glass. In all cases better bracket and do a proper test before you do a lot of slides. Your colour balance should come out fine and if you have a good eye you can easily lighten/darken slides as you go along. Much more cumbersome is to try to use daylight, even though you can then use your camera's meter. You have to make sure that the slide is wholly backlit so curtaining off the light from above the slide is a nuisance. You'll need an extension tube if you wish to crop. Good luck, just fire away using low contrast film.

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