Some questions for (especially maybe) Epson 2000P owners

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Re: Some questions for (especially maybe) Epson 2000P owners

By the way I had a little e-talk with Epson this morning. I was told this:

"If parts are required for the repair they may not be readily available. As Epson do not repair this unit directly anymore it would be a third party company that would offer a service."

I'm telling you this because you wrote:

"If you contact an Epson repair facility you should be able to get the part." Overall I get the impression that apart from their basic cleaning instructions they are the last people to help in this respect.

Apart from the cost, there are two other reasons why I'd like to continue with my 2000P.

1. I have a sort of intuition that there is very little wrong with it (though, who knows really...) but, WORSE,

2. (and this is nagging at me constantly) I have worked over two years getting a good stock of copies of my paintings onto print, with, of course, their files stored in my computer for possible reproduction, working for hours and hours and hours on each painting in Photoshop on a badly--calibrated (is that the word?) (in fact a non-calibrated) mix of scanner, computer and printer. Each painting taking me sometimes up to a week!!!

I'm really pleased with these little printouts (although they're mine). Some of them look like original acrylics, oils or watercolors. They were done on Hahnemuhle paper as well as Epson.

WHEN I think that a new printer will mean that all this work will have been for nothing, I just can't bear the thought....


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