Is Large Format necessary?

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Re: You bet...

Jon Stewart wrote:

I wish more people had a chance to savour the overall feel and
quality of MF (digital or film), and then we would have less
comparison of the number of pixels involved.

After having switched to MF (film for now) I am becoming accustom to a certain look. A look I would have a hard time giving up. I like the color pallet, the dynamic range (perhaps too narrow for some), the film grain (as subtle as it is, can't really see it in 16x20), the tonality, the sharpness and the resolution.

One at a time they don't amount to much, but together the create a look. Not better or worse, but it is what it is and I like it. I feel that it complements my style and what I am trying to do photographically.

Even on smaller sizes like 11x14 I prefer MF. Ignorance is bliss, my life was easier before I gave MF a spin.

Someday I'll own a MF DB.

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