D3x Finally Announced !!!!!

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D3x Finally Announced !!!!!

So finally the long awaited D3x is here...

Last night I was in the camera district in Tokyo and when I happend upon a brand new D3x!

I figure I am the first in the USA to get one so I wanted you all to share my joy and elation.

Here is my brand new D3x!!

I know you have all been waiting patiently for the specs so without further ado:

  • 98mp DFFFF (Double Flip Flop Full Frame Super Nikon XXXL Format Sensor)

49.269fps (i clocked mine at only 48.5fps so Im considering sending it in to Nikon for calibration under the warranty; no lens caps included, the store tried to bait and switch me but I stood my ground!)

  • 12-985mm F/0.4 AF-S VRIII ED N FX POV DOFII lens standard issue (I'm not convinced this lens is wide enough so I'm considering other alternatives)

  • ISO 200-3200 (Disappointed about lack of high ISO performance. Come on Nikon step it up as ISO 3200 is so 2005!)

  • Green camera Point & Shoot mode

  • New Super Vivid +18 Ken Rockwell saturation mode

  • 55 pt AF laser beam 4d squirrel tracking

  • Space for 6 CF 16.221 gb cards (sorry, manual says exisiting 16gb cards aren't compatible)

  • Anti D3x neck strap robbing deterrant

  • Cool new Logos and fonts complete with drop shadow and stroke

  • 40289 page Nikon Manual standard (I have read it 6 times and can operate my D3x with eyes closed)

  • All new Auto Black & White Balance

  • Mini Japense sensor cleaning gecko included (this added feature is wild, you just drop the little sucker onto the sensor and he cleans it right up!)

I am going to order another one as a backup body since the D3 is so last year.

Pre-order yours today!

(Sorry, I couldn't take another D3x post; I snapped)

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