Looking for a small light SLR - D40 or D80?

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Re: Looking for a small light SLR - D40 or D80?

Not so sure about the budget range criteria. My decision to buy and use D40 nikon's is not based on budget, nor is it based on the new dslr convert theory. I have larger nikon dslr bodies and I have been using digital slr's for 5 years+ and film slr's for 40 years+. I use them because of the size and image quality they bring to the table. The size difference is much more than the numbers suggest and the convenience also. I do not use many of the features available on the D40, being a bit old school and preferring to control things myself mostly.

To the question of small lenses, I have always found the 50mm primes next to useless on crop frame sensors for my uses. I sold mine some time ago. I do use a plain old 28mm f2.8 AF on my D40's and it makes a pretty compact package, and will meter on it. Recently I traded my D70 and 85mm 1.8 for a D40 and sigma 30mm 1.4 and am enjoying it immensely. I also have the 18-55 and it is a very sharp lens. If I were a prime type of guy (I feel mostly like my hands are tied with primes) I would wish Nikon or someone would come out with a small 24 or 28mm for DX sensors. That would be close to ideal for my uses.

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