my D300 "rolled over" to 10,000+ x / how to change prefix?

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Steve Sint Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: my D300 "rolled over" to 10,000+ x / how to change prefix?

I'd like to change the "DSC" to "DSC1" but the file naming item in
the menu seems to only want 3 characters, not 4?

Why not go to "ESC", then "FSC", the "GSC"...etc? You'll get 220,000 more images before you run out of the alphabet....the camera will probably be outdated or dead before that happens! Or....forget the letters altogether and use "002", "003", etc instead of the letters. That would give you 990,000 images and the camera will probably be outdated or....:)

Personally, I use two D300's and the files are called SS1 and SS2 so I can tell the files apart if the numbers overlap on the same assignment plus it has the added advantage of tracking a broken camera/dirty sensor just by the file number. Each assignment's images go into a file named for the date shot and my client's name so it it doesn't matter to me if there are two 001's or any other file number.

Just a thought.

Steve Sint

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