Kong ALWAYS defends his master

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Kong ALWAYS defends his master

Hi friends!

There I was, strolling along the beach at our weekly protest march, taking some pictures. A cloudy, rainy day. Beautiful day. Miguelito and King Kong Osram on their way to have a good time.

And we had, of course. Here one the results I like very mucho:

The other marchers were a bit away, as always. I mean, don't let me out of my house or studio, and ask me to come along. I will do, but my speed depends on how many things are desesperately crying and shouting to get photographed. When the others arrive at the next village, I'm still with the first 200 meters (or went into the opposite direction, having lost orientation within myself and being totally happy. You can't find anybody that lost like me.)

And then I found this planta, she founds me, and I presented her KKOsram, she said.. 'well,... let's see' and all of a sudden I felt that a huge white thing was biting me into my foot, making terrible sounds.

I took the shot, in the moment I got biten:

I hurled around, camera up and tried to kick the dog away. This was the time I discovered that I was probably the smaller of us two:

The shot is here, firstly because I was keeping shooting and firing King Kong, apart from insulting the dog in at least eight different dog languages, from the coolest mafia doberman down to the most miserable street dog slang. He won't do other thing than drilling his teeth into my boot. Pain started to rise dramatically.

I shot him very close to his nose, but he instinctively got his eyes out of the light wave:

but even partly blind, the boxer-bulldog devil turned down his big heads and carried on biting fiercely again, and again in the same boot!

This was the time I got finally calmed down enough to set KKongOsram to max power, sliding one of my fingers over the ancient shrine and evoked Ramses the Fly. Those who don't know the story of these guys, just take for granted that this is when a flash turns into a weapon:

What you can see on the left is a part of a structure of a boat. In the center WAS the dog.

He wined and sat down in front of me, eyes wide open. I walked past him, trying to gain distance. After some meters, he was still sitting there, just without moving a muscle. After a hundred yards, he started walking towards me, and behaving like a very nice dog would do.

When he arrived where I was taking a shot, he entered the scene, sat down and waited for me to tell him what a nice dog he was, bla bla bla, you know the stuff with dogs that all of a sudden find a 'FRIEND!'.

Here the shot. Have a look at these eyes. No one dares to touch the master of King Kong Osram.



(This story is an invention. I do not harm dogs. The dog was eating my boot, my foot and fifty euros I always have in my boots. He got NOT blinded by me. He is always that red eyed, he is an alcoholized dog, very typical for andalusian beaches. Yes, it is a dog with owner. No, the owner is bigger than me, I lost my 50 euros).
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