Is Large Format necessary?

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Re: ok scanning backs but

No, not at the moment.

There are supposedly some developmental prototype large backs (done for the military) for specific purpose, allegedly. Don't know the size, but I did read 60+Mpixels somewhere.

It's a bit of a holy grail; in theory it would be perfectly possible to to a (eg) 6x7" digital sensor, since they're all made out of smaller wafers anyway (and assuming you can manage the heat) , but nobody's done it yet. People speculate about the economics; if the cost has to be so much higher (presumably since the threshold is lower; think of the chances of putting together a sensor on a production line, with lots of small wafers, then testing it to find that one wafer, out of how ever many, is not performing - bang goes that sensor, in the bin), who's going to pay for it?

MF sensors are such a small market anyway. So, I'm not sure when we'll see large format sensors.

(All the views expressed above are purely my own speculation, and have no basis in fact whatsoever (!) )
Jon Stewart

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