11-22mm... Best lens for interiors?? Or...

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Re: 11-22mm... Best lens for interiors?? Or...

Clarkey wrote:

I'm faced with a bit of a predicament...

Ultimately I'm just wondering what you folks think is the Ultimate
4/3rds lens for interiors. But As well I'll describe my issue below
and any help would be appreciated...

I'm generally interested in your opinions here because I'll be
shooting interiors for part time work (and weddings). I'm buying a
new lens this week (today would be better) and I'm a bit frustrated
with my choices.

what sort of interiors, real estate ?

I can pick up a 12-60mm today... but at the wide end I wonder about
the effects of distortion on my interior shots... and I would really
prefer a faster lens in the 36-100mm range (e.g. the sigma 18-50/2.8)

with objects particularly close, there is the slightest distortion in both, you will need to remove it anyway. The 12-60 might be best for weddings though, would that count ?

I can order the 11-22mm but it'll take the week to arrive and I will
have jobs before then but i don't think it'll be an issue

As well the sigma 10-20mm is an option but I wonder about distortion
and sharpness in corners... I havn't seen samples from this lens on
4/3rds cams yet so its hard to say...

i havnt seen any either, the 1mm wider is tempting, but not an any price

7-14 is simply too expensive... i think... hmm

in conventional circles it can introduce too much ceiling too, so whats the point if you end up shooting at 10-11mm all the time. That said the 7-14 can have useful consequences, if a tad slower

Anyway what do you think?

dont think, look, all 11-22
iso250 1/160th F4

iso160 1/30th F4.5

iso250 1/30th F4

iso640 1/40th F5

iso800 1/60th F4

iso400 1/30th F4

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