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Re: Gitzo GT3540L Questions

Had trouble with this message on my Pocket PC; sorry for the messed up post.

Here are the links once again, hopefully now working:

Good reference material!

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KBAM wrote:


Registered here to offer you some advice:

First, don't

be in a hurry to make a tripod/head/L-bracket decision--it's a big
investment; perform some due diligence and get yourself up to speed.
You want to master this subject through research. Start with these

Second, unless you know why you're spec'ing a 4-section 'pod (there are few good reasons), stick with a 3-section model; it will be stronger and more stable. Good advice above to forgo a center column (meaning don't factor it in for height), unless needed for quickie, non-critical work.

Third, if you're a likely Gitzo buyer, the ideal unit for your height is probably the 3-section Systematic (3-series) GT3530LSV. Oddly, this model (about $650) is positioned for video and comes with a bowl-adapter for fluid-heads, but it's perfect for six-footers shooting stills. Look it up and, if possible, see it in person at, say, B+H (alas, only in the video dept).

Fourth, the leveling base (#GS5120LVL, ~$170) suggested above is nice, but optional and not inexpensive. Principally, it adds precision-, quick-level convenience. It can be added to the system at any time. Suggest you look it up.

Fifth, note that Bogen Imaging/Gitzo is currently in a model-change cycle; a number of GTxxx0 models, including the GT3530LSV, have been discontinued and replaced with GTxxx1 units that aren't yet shipping. The differences are somewhat murky, but will be quite minor--mostly configuration/packaging/pricing; more will be known in a couple of weeks. (Certain current models have already sold out at many shops.)

Sixth, be aware that Gitzo has a rebate-promo underway for virtually all current and new models. In most cases, the rebate is $40 for the 'pod alone. As some of the new models may be priced higher (weak-dollar vs euro issues) than their predecessors, the rebate will mostly offset this effect.

Seventh, many forum members are high on RRS gear (nice folks, too), especially its L-plates and heads. Search the threads for commentary. Kirk, Markins, and others also have loyal users here.

Eighth, you can thank me later for the heads up. For now, happy shooting!


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