triggering studio lights with 1dMk3 and 580ex

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Re: triggering studio lights with 1dMk3 and 580ex

pikeface wrote:

I have today purchased my first set of studio lights (second hand).
I had intened setting them off by using my 580ex, however after
reviewing my test shots I have found that when using the 580 that my
shots I are not crisp, whites are warm. If I use the sync lead all
is fine and the images are great.

My question is can the 580ex be set in some way to make it trigger
the lights propperly. I am assuming the 580 does somthing clever
like preflash or there is some delay.

I have set the 580 to Manual and dialed the lowest power.I have also
tried setting the slave master switch to all three positions and also
sheilding the 580 ex flash fom the subject turnibg the head in
different positions.

I can’t see why the 580ex would affect the exposure. Are the RAW images different? If you are just shooting jpg, then what white balance are you using? If you have the white balance set to auto, then it is possible that mounting the 580ex in the shoe causes the camera to adjust the white balance for the flash; and color temperature of the studio lights could be different from the 580ex.

Are the shots the same except for the white balance?

Brian A.

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