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Re: Gitzo GT3540L Questions

whoster69 wrote:

I've been looking at tripods and trying to figure out which one will
work for me. I'm 6 feet tall. I've got a D300 and an 18 - 200mm
lens that I'll be primarily using until I can get more lenses
(probably some in the 300mm+ range). Most of the work I'll be doing
with this tripod is landscape/nature work. I've got a few

Is the Gitzo GT3540L tripod a good fit for my height?

It will certainly be tall enough.

I was making the same decision about a month ago. Came down to the 3540 or the 3530lsv. I am 6'2", and I have a RRS BH-55, and both an L and non-L bracket.

The only advantage I saw with the 3540 is a smaller packing size. That would be useful occasionally. The disadvantage would come with having to deal with 3 more leg clamps - that would bother me almost every time I wanted to set up the tripod.

I ended up getting the 3530lsv, and I'm quite happy with it. I removed the bowl mount that came on it and put on the standard mount and attached the BH-55 to it. I have not really missed having a center column, and I can add it later. The 3530 fits inside a suitcase, so it's small enough for me to pack. (Just got back from Hawaii where I used it a lot).

Is there any good reason to buy leg protectors or is this just more
unnecessary weight?

For padding, maybe. Should not be particularly heavy.

I'm probably going to get a Markins M20 ball head to go with it. Do
I need to specify my tripod or camera body when buying a ball head?

Ball heads are generally sized to the weight you are going to attach, which basically gets down to 'are you going to put some really big heavy lens on there?"

Shouldn't really matter about the tripod brand, or camera, for the most part.

I haven't decided on which L bracket. If anyone has some
suggestions, please let me know. I'm leaning toward RSS. Again, do
I need to specify my type of tripod, ball head, or camera body when

I recommend the L-plate. I bought the regular plate with the BH-55 from RRS, and immediately came to regret it. I then ordered an L-plate, and I am very happy with it. Works great, and is quick and easy to use. My only 'complaints' are the price and that it is so specific to the camera (mine is for a D300 with grip - fits nothing else). The other plate is now mounted to an 80-200 lens, for which I had to buy a Kirk tripod mount. (I have the old push-pull single ring no tripod mount Nikon 80-200F2.8). Gives that lens a whole new life.

Is there anything else I need for this tripod that I haven't listed?

I'm looking for some easy way to carry mine. I've never found a comfortable way to carry a tripod over my shoulder, with or without camera attached. My old Bogen has a strap that works well - I can sling it over the shoulder, head down, and it carries easily. I'm looking for a similar strap to fit the Gitzo.

Any suggestions on where to buy? It seems Amazon has the best price
currently at $735.

I got mine at B&H. Didn't seem to be a lot of deals on Gitzo, but they did throw in a Bogen zippered bag with it for free.

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