350D fuses

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Image of main 350D Battery Fuse (270k)

(taken with a G7 at ISO1600 in macro mode)

Right in the middle - the thing the "P" on it, directly underneath the white connector.

This is the main fuse, first one after the battery - it's underneath the handgrip on the side - to get to it you have to take the front off (and loosen the top flash/buttons/lcd panel).

This blew - don't know how, and the camera was completely dead.

Ended up replacing it with the thinnest wire I could find - a single strand of a wire used in a computer, and it works fine!

  • Daniel

will foreman wrote:

Thanks a lot, Ross. I'd already looked at the Mike Dixon page there,
but when it was already too late...
Photos of the fuses and boards would be much appreciated! Don't know
if we're allowed to do the address thing here but my surname is
Foreman and my first name goes in front of that all in lower case, no
gaps, at hotmail...
Cheers, Will

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