That darn lens release button!

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Re: are you palming the lens??

Russell Proulx wrote:

This "G" lens is HEAVY,

LoL. You clearly haven't been shooting the Canon 24-70 any time recently.

And with the
zoom ring being so far back on the lens near the camera body, it
invites the user to hold it this way in order to use the zoom ring in
a real working situation. You also sometimes need to hold the camera
& lens with the left hand in order to do things with your right (like
fending off attacking birds in small Northern California towns), and
being so 'front heavy' it's natural to want to hold everything by
back part of that lens.

Don't take this all personal, because I think this debate is mostly a joke, but I don't buy it!

While I will concede that the right hand must sometimes come temporarily free of the camera, leaving it in the left, isn't the left hand grip far more stable when it's a palm up supporting from below rather than your overhand grip?

It's very rare in photography that I feel like I can say something is just totally wrong, but that's how I feel about the overhand grip. I vote for Sprouse and Rodinis on this one, not that anyone cares

I love your solution, btw. Hilarious while innovative.

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David Hill
Austin, Texas

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