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Re: Question...

Bernie Ess wrote:

Dietmar, even the Fuji JPEG looks so different in color rendition
from the others, what would you say, how was the light in the concert
hall like? The HU results looks a bit pale doesn't it? But maybe you
remember how the scene looked like....

Kreuzkultur is a small type of concert hall, in Germany we will call this a club. The do have fixed lightning, fortunately, but more red or yellow than orange in this case. In my thread "old stuff" I also showed some S2 pix taken in this club there you can spot the difference.

I agree, the HU result looks a bit pale compared to the original, but remember she's a real redhead and has this typical kind of pale skin, just look at her website:


The thing I liked so much about HUs WB with the tip is that it looks very close to that what I saw on stage there.

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