Fujifilm DSLR Line is DEAD!!!

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William Carson
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Re: D10 based S7

Thom Hogan wrote:
Having shot a number of different things with the S5 Pro and having a
friend who sometimes shoots studio work with it, I can say that the
speed issue will eventually hit you when you don't want it to. The
buffer just doesn't empty fast enough. That means that even if you're
not shooting full burst speed but are shooting "rapidly" the buffer
slowly gets eaten into and eventually you encounter that "no buffer"
moment, usually when you don't want to. I can easily outshoot the S5
Pro with both my studio lights and with a high power battery running
to my Speedlight.

Of course the S5 buffer can hold a lot
more when shooting JPEGs.

The one saving grace. But this makes the camera pretty one-dimensional.

Assuming that Fuji does goes with a FF and wants to up the speed and double the resolution, can it still use a CCD sensor -rather than CMOS - or is speed affected by this technology. I have always heard while the CCD has (because of its inherent larger photodiode size) better signal to noise ratio, it is also hampered in speed so it is a tradeoff. Don't know if this is still true though on both issues.

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