My 24-70mm Lens BROKE

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Re: My 24-70mm Lens BROKE

Here's a picture ....

Swear to whichever god I don't pray to (since I don't to any), the camera and lens was in my Tamrac Turbo CyberPro together with my 12-24mm, 70-200mm, 16mm Fisheye and my Laptop, the rest are in perfect working order (hence the ability to take the picture).

Yes, as someone else posted, the Screw seem to be way too short. If I have to pay for the repair, then I'll have to pay.

Bad thing is that my flight from Zurich is delayed by an hour and therefore I won't be able to bring the lens in as I land. And I'm flying off the next day to Dubai for a week and that being Saturday, Nikon isn't open anyway; so I'll have to wait.

Amateur Photographer, constructive criticism most welcome:

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