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joe mama is back, and has a few things to say

1. First of all, thanks for all the kind support!

2. I received neither warning nor notification of a ban. I was simply unable to login, with the cited reason being "abuse". When I sent an email for clarification, the cited reason was "'Spam/Commercial' specifically promotion" and was told the ban would last 4 days. Furthermore, it was said that an email notification of the ban was sent, but I never received it, if so.

3. There is nothing commercial whatsoever about either of my linked ciites.

4. I have been banned twice before, but never from DPR; rather, from specific forums. In the first instance, which you may read about here:

I received no warning, no notification, and no reply to emails for months. My only other ban, which was 2-3 months ago, was from the Olympus SLR Forum. I had posted the contents of this link (not the actual link, which was created afterwords):

and was sent notification that I was being banned for "Flaming / Trolling / Abuse". No replies to my emails were ever sent. For those who believe such an incident was "Flaming or Trolling", it was a reaction to threads like this:

that never seem to result in a ban. Kind of one-sided, eh? So, if I have been banned for my behavior, I would like an explanation as to exactly what my behavior is that warrants a ban. Is my love for the 5D a crime? Is my defense of the 5D from those trashing it a crime? Is my demand for evidence from those making claims a crime? Is my vitriol after being called "internet pond scum", told to "KMA", told to"you suck", and being psychoanalyzed on the net:

As if there is any shortage of other examples. So, are my reactions to these attacks out of line? Is my "celebrity status" on DPR supposed to just "suck it up" and let things like this go unanswed?

So, why was I banned? I don't know. Have I broken forum rules? That's like asking if I've driven past the speed limit. But I am far more modest in my rule breaking and far more restrained in retailiating when insulted than many posters I see here. And if defending FF against those that attack it is considered "trolling", then I guess I'm just confused, because I've never disparaged another system.

Again, I appreciate all the kind words of support. But I'd really like to know exactly what I did that got me banned, and why it got me banned, and not so many others.

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