Camping in Fort Bragg, CA (9 pictures 400d)

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Re: Camping in Fort Bragg, CA (9 pictures 400d)

Thanks Citylights, I appreciate your input as you are one of the many people on here that I look to for knowledge.

CityLights wrote:

In the first image, why f/18 at 1/40th? If you wanted to very close
forground sharp, then perhaps I could see it, but at 1/40th you risk
camera shake.

Re: #1 Not sure why I went to F18, I definately could have gone wider Av and had a more stable speed. I know I just wanted everything farily sharp.

Fourth shot is misfocussed. Your forground subjects are almost out
of the depth of field and going soft.

Yeah it was such a quick moment I think I focused on the seaweed / driftwood just to the right of my son on accident. He was behind me and he threw the dogs ball, the dog pulled him over in order to get the ball. I was facing the opposite direction and acted a little to fast on the shutter.

  1. 5, I like this one. Artistic in composition. Nice use of the depth

of field.

Thank you.

  1. 6, Hmmm... it is tough to shoot directly into the sun. Needs...



  1. 8, Classic sunset shot. I like it!

Again thanks and keep posting spectacular shots so people like me can be inspired.


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