Camping in Fort Bragg, CA (9 pictures 400d)

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Camping in Fort Bragg, CA (9 pictures 400d)

Here are some pictures I took with the family over on the coast last weekend. I have only had the camera for about 2 months or less, but I am finding it very easy to navigate. Tell me what you think please. I want to get better and I think I can see a big difference in what I was shooting before with a P&S superzoom (fuji). Most of these shots were taken with the 400d and a Tamron 28-300 VC lens, only 3 were taken with the nifty 50mm lens, can you tell which ones? Scroll down for answer.







7. - Some street photography / first real attempt at this. This guy just had so much character in his face I just could not pass it up. I took this shot at a distance and then asked him if I could get another one closer up. He looked at me and said Why??? I told him I was just a tourist and wanted it for the scrap book. I was so nervous that the second shot was not even as good as this one. It almost looked like I was further away and the stance I took made it look like he was sleeping because the book was hidden. Oh well I tried.



50mm used on 3, 6, 9.

Below is a link to my album with more shots from the trip. I really am enjoying this camera. Hope I am doing good with it. Suggestions welcome. No post processing done on these other than convert from RAW.

Flat view
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