1.4 extender samples/comparison please with/without

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Re: Things to consider...

mmullen wrote:

Abana wrote:

That makes it simple, I guess. I'm assuming you have a
1.4. What is the minimum handheld shutter speed at the long end
(assuming you also have the 70-200 f/4 IS) with IS turned on?

There's no easy answer here because handholding is highly dependent
upon good technique and this is true whether you have IS or not. IS
will help regardless of how good or bad your technique is and the IS
on this lens adds 3-4 stops to normal ability although the exact
amount depends upon how good your handholding technique is to begin

I haven't run specific IS tests on the 70-200mm f4 IS w/ the EF 1.4X
II as I am generally using this combo in good light. However, I do
recall noting that the effectiveness of the IS does not seem to
diminish as much as I would have expected with the 1.4x extender in
use. In fact, this combo at 280mm can get sharper shots at lower
shutter speeds than the 300mm f2.8 IS.

Without the extender I can get sharp shots with regularity at 1/20
second and @200mm (even when pixel peeping) and even lower if I can
lean on a tree or wall. With the extender I would multiply by 1.4x
and expect the pixel peeping shots to not look perfectly sharp but to
expect perfectly crisp images once they are downsized to 8x10. If you
can brace your shoulder and use good technique I would not be
surprised if you got a certain percentage of sharp shots at 280mm on
a crop camera at 1/15 second. This requires a steady hold and smooth
squeeze of the shutter. The trick is to avoid moving the camera more
than the available correction movement during the exposure. Practice
and you will be surprised how low you can go.

I don't use the EF 2x II much with the f4 for the reason already
mentioned, AF is lost. But I did mount both the 1.4x and 2x at the
same time once just for kicks and shot some seagulls in flight for a
maximum FL of 540mm. Here are some of the results:

Wow! Those really are some amazing shots. Well, seeing how good the results are, I guess I should stop fooling around and just pick one up. I was kind of vascillating, thinking maybe I would forget the extender and just opt for the 70-300 IS DO (which I might still do in the future for its compact size), but really, with the quality in the images you and others have posted and the price, it's silly not to.

Thanks for your remarks and the samples,

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