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Which crop is best, and why ?

By way of experiment, let me post TWO images here, both of them a crop from the same picture.

I usually try to post versions that are sized so as not to need much expanding.
But please do expand these, or you will miss the point and differences.


Context :

Last weekend I was in Zeeland (the Netherlands), happily shooting away. Two girls on a wave-breaker (don't know if that is correct English) caught my attention. They walked together, each on their strip, towards a spot and then one of them prepared to jump. I aimed and shot. The result was an image in normal landscape orientation, relavitely far away, with lots of sea and context and those girls.

Post-processing decisions :

I decided to crop to pano-like proportions, one horizontal showing both, and the other vertical showing only the jumping girl (with some other small differences).

If I succeeded, this goes to show you can produce multiple images, with different connotations, from one and the same source.

Questions for your C&C :

Which of those do you like best (or do you hate)? [Or are both worthless to you?]
More importantly : please tell me why ?
Do they convey the same or different feelings and moods ?

Is the bikini girl better on her own, or do you need the one in sweater to make a difference or create tension ?

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