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Re: Let me revise that then...

nightmedia wrote:

why then does the Nikon Coolpix 8800 have an auto pop-up flash?

Patents genrally have max protection time of 20 years, assuming the owner is willing to pay the fees so long. If done early 80's this is now free to use by anybody. In most cases the companies stop to make the patent fee payments earlier and thus the protection is void. And of course patent use right licensing is commonly done.

Some companies though "extend" their patens by making smaller ammendments to that later. If tose prevent the original innovation use then its protection is extended till the last ammendment has come to age.

Gizmologist wrote:

I recall in the late 1970's or early 80's, one of the secondary
camera makers (Minolta, IIRC) introduced a point-n-shoot camera with
an auto pop-up flash. Nikon and Canon were prevented from adding
that feature to their cameras because Minolta(?) patented the
innovation. If cameras like the D70 use it, it's because at some
point in the future they licensed it from the patent holder.

Again, my point was that it's possible that Nikon might be able to
prevent this innovation from being used by competitors if they
succeed in securing a patent.

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