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King Kong Osram...

Hi friends,

this is a story about Little Miguel (that's me, once again little) and King Kong Osram. All of a sudden I was in hands of a mighty beast... but before we come to the real action, let me explain the whole story:

On friday, at the end of the shift in the project, my more than 20 year old Metz would say goodbye. I took the last three shots without flashlight, they turned out very well... but I wasn't happy at all. At home I dismounted the flash, measured... and the thing is that there is nothing to do at all. I would need at least 8 different parts to rebuild it, and thinking about Monday made me very nervous. I was not quite sure about the route through objects for the mondaysession, but hoped that there wouldn't be any paintings under glass...

Saturday I went to a local shop of a photographer, mostly dedicated to the BBC (BodasBautizosComuniones - WeddingsCristianingsCommunions) and asked him if he could lend me some of his Metz I knew he had worked with some years ago.

'Oh, sorry Miguel. I gave them away last month... (I could killed him in this momento, but stayed completely shocked)... but if you want, I can give you my new Metzes or do you want the Nikons? (I couldn't answer, still thinking about this oldies... now away).

"Well, Tano (that's his short name), thanks a lot for the offer... but don't you have something you didn't GIVE AWAY, anything really old... you know what I mean, ya sabes amigo, something you could have forgotten to GIVE AWAY?'" (grrr, like forgetting about me...grrrrr)

He looked at me, and suddenly he became aware of the drama. He knew that I was deeply in love with the old Metzes... he knew... but he forgot. His face turned from red to yellow.

Then he disappeared in the backstore. Backstores in Spain are normally in a village like mine about five times the frontstore, so I wasn't surprised that he would leave me for nearly half an hour waiting. Also I was commited to stay. I needed a flashgun, this was the only place to get a decent machine... and Tano is a friend, even if he probably had left the store through the backdoor.

"Miguel, look what I have found!" Tano was excited, holding a box in his hand (dust was coming of the box while he crossed the store towards me, fainting in the far too brilliant shoplights.

And here is, where the first part should have stopped. You know, like in a film, where the director enters the frozen scene and explains something about changing plans.

But it didn't stop. Tano had found an Osram VS 281 Studio 2, and before I could even say 'wait a momento, brother...', he had filled the monolito, black strange bully thing with four AA's. He fondled a bit with the buttoms and nothing happened. He went from red to white directly this time.

I can stand the suffering of a friend, so I surrendered. I took the the THING in both hands (weights a bit less than the R1, bueno half the weight maybe) and tried to understand the controls. Found the test shot button, asked for a dark room and closed the door. Quick adjustments on the R1 and pressed the button that says 'Test shot'.

BUUUUUUUUUUUM. I nearly got rocked out of my sandals and for half a minute wasn't able to see anything else but stars and red things (me idiot, close your eyes before and DURING). When I could find the light switch again without crashing into piled equipment, I decided not to test anything more.

'That's ok, Tano. I'll keep that .. ehem.. flash. Will work. How much I owe you?", and Tano, totally surprised gave me a price, I paid it and went out, thanking him for his help. For only some milimeters I didn't run into the door while leaving. I was still totally blind.

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Next part within some time, I have promised Jill to honor African Mamas, and this means that I have to prepare my dinner ... stay tuned, we will come pronto to the part where I dare to fight with King Kong...

Moving as smooth as possible on a thin skin of ice protecting me from myself

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