What's the future of FF cameras?

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Personally, I like ultra-wides. Back in the 90's, I bought the Nikon
20-35mm f2.8. Great lens.
Recently I bought the Sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6 (the only one that
covers FF). Also a great lens, but slow. Now I am lusting after the
new Nilon 14-24mm f2.8.

I am curious what the "closest" these zooms will focus. Most zooms
do not focus as close as an equivalent prime.

With my 14mm, it focused to less than 6", and I used it there very,
very often.

I would not accept any extreme WA that didn't focus at least to 6".

From the film plane - or front of lens?
Sigma 10-20 focuses down to 9 inches from film plane. That's about 4
inches from front element to subject.
The Nikkor 14mm gets to 8 inches from the film plane, not 6", so much
the same (give or take an inch - heh)

Hey .... we know the importance of an "inch". (or a "foot" - if we are lucky)

I have not used it recently, but I have a very OLD (60's) Nikon 14mm, and I think it has (closest focus) 6" marked on the barrel.

I used to do FOOD photography with it. It was neat since if a restaurants specialty was its "steaks", I could get down to only a couple inches away from the "steak" .... and therefore accent that entree, (with the potatoes/vegetables appearing smaller behind it).

So I was even closer than the marked 6" (film plane), relying on f/22 to still give me sharp image.

Often also did photos of the waiters/waitresses holding the plates out in "front" of them, (and out-stretched arms length). The 14mm made the plates appear larger, and the (entire) restaurant also visible in the background with wide FOV.

14-24 closest focus is 11 inches.
I'd guess that the 14-24 would be faced with the old problem that 6"
from the film plane would be behind the front element - it's a big

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