Gitzo GT3540L Questions

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Re: Gitzo GT3540L Questions

malch wrote:

whoster69 wrote:

I will consider that. Thank you. What reasons would someone have
for wanting one then? Why would it be important?

It does help you quickly adjust the height of the camera. Classic
case would be taking passport photos -- quickly set the camera height
to match the subjects nose

They can also be used in macro work but there's a whole range of
other equipment/options there too. A big topic in its own right.

With some tripod models, you do have the option of adding a center
column later. I don't know the Gitzo range well enough to know all of
the compatibility rules. But that might be something to look into if
you want to keep your options open...

I just looked at this same tripod a couple of weeks ago. You can get it without the center column and add one later if you wish. Great tripod, and adjusting for height isn't so bad with the Gitzo G-Lock system.

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