AVG 8.0

Started May 3, 2008 | Discussions thread
trbader Regular Member • Posts: 304
AVG 8.0 Works Just Fine

It is averaging 57 minutes to scan my 1750 g/b of hard drives - about 10 minutes longer than 7.5 took.

Since my computer is on 24/7, I have it scheduled to scan at 5 am.

As to the lad using no "anti-anything" I think that your story is destined to end in tears. (at least for your mother!)

These days the most dangerous threat are trojans that report confidential info back to "the mother ship". These trojans are very cleverly written and don't announce themselves.

The combination of a good anti-virus and a clever firewall like Comodo will detect and block unusual outgoing activity. (like a trojan reporting your mother's Visa number)

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