Nikon Coolpix S600 or Fuji F100fd?

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Re: Nikon Coolpix S600 or Fuji F100fd?

sultrybbw wrote:


Thank you for your response, and to the person before you. Believe
me, I have checked the settings, and took off the red eye reduction,
do not have the self timer on... I even went back to the
manufacturers settings, to start from scratch, I even called Nikon...
No matter what I do, either in door or out door, the lag time is
awful, and causes most of my pictures to not be crisp. I am going to
contact Nikon again and see if my camera is defective. Ironically,
my mother has a cheap clunky Kodak easy share camera which takes
AMAZING pictures, but unfortunately is large and doesn't have many
features. I would ditch the Nikon for the Canon 870, but I think I
may just hold out for the next generation of Canon tiny cameras,
because they seem to consistently get great reviews. I am sorry that
I didn't purchase the Canon first.......

One last thing before I conclude your camera is defective. When you use any digi cam you must use a two step process to take a pic. First press the shutter button down half way until you get a focus lock, then the rest of the way to take the pic. After your initial half press to get a focus lock the shutter should fire almost instantly when fully pressed. It does take a second or two for the camera to get a focus lock on the initial half press, but once focus is acheived, the shutter should fire right away when the shutter button is depressed the rest of the way.

If you are using your camera in this way then I can only assume your camera is defective in some way. I would take your camera to a local store that carries the S600 and compare it to another S600. When/if you see a difference then you could decide to send it in for warranty repair, or get rid of it. This camera is getting great reviews form most users, your complaint is not normal for this camera. Nobody could live with a camera that functions the way yours does. Find another S600 to check out.
Sorry for your problem.

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