1Ds Mark III inconsistent focus. New firmware problem?

Started May 4, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: 1Ds Mark III inconsistent focus. New firmware problem?

paxthelm wrote:

Have you microadjusted the lens previously before the update? With
the 1d mark III I found that the settings were no longer correct
after the update and less adjustment was necessary on all my lenses.

Alas, micro focus adjustment has become the universal scapegoat/shield for the 1D/1Ds3 autofocus problem.

That along with the laundry list of custom functions.

Isn't it obvious to anybodyelse that the king has no clothes?

The reality as I experienced it is that the 1Ds3's autofocus was unreliable in a major way.

Like I said, there's nothing to prevent Canon from shipping the 1Ds3, a year after the intro of the 1D3, with the magic combination of custom functions settings to make it work right out of the box.

Nonetheless, they are exchanging my camera and I hope to get a magical one like that others are very happy with.



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