1Ds Mark III inconsistent focus. New firmware problem?

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Re: 1Ds Mark III inconsistent focus. New firmware problem?

There are reflections in all your pics and around the sign crops.

Looks like the camera's autofocus was totally fooled.

Look at the one sharp crop and you'll see that EVERYTHING in the frame is in focus, from the small post in the lower right foreground to the doorway, curved curb at the back AS IT SHOULD BE WITH A 35MM LENS at this distance.

The OOF pics are OOF throughout the crop. Look elsewhere in the full frame, they should be just as OOF wherever you crop.

This has nothing to do with the sign being too small and the camera focusing on the wall behind it or whatever. That's nuts. They're all in the same DOF zone.

I was taking pictures with the 1Ds3 and 400/5.6L - imagine the small DOF - on a sunny Florida beach one morning last week and the autofocus didn't like that at all. The results were similar to what you're showing here, OOF, slightly OOF, etc. The fricking focus was all over the fricking place but the subjects.


PeteL wrote:

I've been shooting with the 1DsM3 since February and I've been very
happy with the camera. A couple of days ago I updated the firmware to
1.1.2 and now I'm getting pretty alarming results.

Yesterday I was taking pics with the 35L outside in good, bright
sunny conditions and when reviewing pics at home I noticed that
unusually many pics were oof, typically the subject was oof and there
was no focus point at all (that I could see) or the photo was
massively front-focused. All of these oof pics should have been piece
of cake for this (or any other) camera.

Took some test shots yesterday with the 35L and the same thing
happens. Here's a quick example taken this morning. Lots of light and
fast shutter speeds, so there's no camera shake. I manually changed
focus between the shots, so the camera had to re-focus for every
shot. I focused on the P sign. Took about 7 or 8 pics in one shot
mode with the center focus point. Only one is sharp, one is almost
sharp and others are terrible.

I get same results also inside at shorter distances, but I think
these longer-distance shots are a lot worse. I really don't recall
having these problems with the 1.0.6 firmware. Have to do some more
testing with the 70-200 to see if it's the 35L. I can deal with
systematic front or back focus but this is totally unpredictable.

100% crops here:

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