List of Point&Shoot/Advanced P&S with large-sized CCD sensors

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List of Point&Shoot/Advanced P&S with large-sized CCD sensors

Somebody was looking for a way to sort the point and shoot cameras currently in production by sensor size and couldn't do it. So I decided to complie a list of all the camera you can buy new that have large CCD/CMOS sensors. Everything that you don't see on the list, if its avaiable on B&H website, you can safely assume it has a 1/2.3-1/2.66" sensor.

To my surprised, the list is pretty short. I will go into the rational of this sorting method later. I don't include Leica M8 for obvious reasons. I will include the weight to roughly suggest the portability of the camera, also "RAW" to roughly suggest the manual control the camera provides. For the camera that start out its zoom at 28mm I put a "wide" in there.

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=====APS-C size (0.98")========
-Sigma DP1 (10mp CMOS) 250g RAW

=====2/3 inch (0.67")=========
-Fuji s100fs 918g RAW (11mp Supper CCD wide14Xzoom)

=====1/1.6 inch (0.625)========
-Fuji F100fd (12mp Super CCD) 170g F50fd (12mp) 155g
Fuji IS-1 (9mp wide10Xzoom) 650g
A900,A920 (9mp) 155g

-Leica D-Lux3/Panasonic LX2 185g (1/1.65 10mp) RAW

-Kodak EasyShare V1073 (1/1.63 10mp) 148g

=====1/1.7 inch (0.59")=======
-Panasonic FX100 (12mp wide4X zoom) 148g

-Canon G9 RAW (12mp 6xzoom) 320g/A650 (12mp 6Xzoom) 300g/Canon SD950 IS (12mp) 165g
-Sony DSC-W300 (13mp) 156g / DSC-W200 (12mp) 116g
-Nikon Coolpix S700 (12mp) 130g/P5100 (3.5Xzoom) 200g
-Pentax Optio S12/A40 (12mp) 131g
-Olympus Stylus 1200 (12mp) 125g
-Casio EX-Z1200 (12mp) 152g

=====1/1.75 (0.57")==========
-Ricoh GR Digital II (10mp) 168g
-Ricoh GX100 (10mp superwide3xzoom) 220g
-Casio Exilim Z1080 (10mp) 120g

======1/1.8 inch (0.56")=======
Leica V-Lux 1, Panasonic FZ50 (10mp 12Xzoom) RAW 668g

Casio EX-F1 670g (high speed 6mp CMOS) RAW


As you can see, I try to put cameras that appears to have the same sensor together. In the 1/1.7" category, everyone has the same 12.4CCD with 12.1mp effective pixel (except the FX100, with a "12.2mp" effective pixel). I am not sure if they share the same sensor. Maybe somebody can help me out here. Although many of those models have remarkably similar spec.

If I am missing any models that are currently in production, please let me know. I will try to update the list. I would like to also include all the recently discontinued models too. Let's say we keep the cut off line at 6mp or higher. I know most of the old Fuji digicams have the large 1/1.8-1/1.7 sensor. As well as the old 6X-8X superzoom/bridgecam like the Nikon 8700/8800 series and the Canon G series. Maybe the list is shorter than we thought.

The idea is that usually a large sensor is alot more costly to make, so camera makers only put them in to the best point and shoot bodies, with decent lenses to boot. And a large sensor, even from an older generation, usually can beat out a smaller sensor with higher pixel count, in term of dynamic range, low light performance and noise ratio, as well as overall IQ. Of course newer P&S usually have better IS system to compensate for it. So let's make the list first before we argue over it.

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