Nikon S600 IQ ???

Started Apr 26, 2008 | Discussions thread
sultrybbw New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Nikon S600 IQ ???

I purchased the Nikon S600 a month ago, and quite honestly I think the camera stinks..... The lag time in the shutter is so awful. I think that I have taken the shot, but by the time the shutter actually closes, the subject is already in another room. I guess if you are taking shots of a statue outside, then this would be fine, but I am trying to take pictures of people, so unless you can get your friends and family to stay still for at least 5 seconds after they thought you took the shot, than this may be the camera for you. As for myself, I would love to unload it and get the canon that everyone told me to get in the first place....

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