You don’t need a freakin light meter

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should i?

Interesting...I wonder i should invest a light meter?

I own ten studio light heads and massive range of light modifiers...anything except a lightmeter.

I never use a lightmeter even with five lights set-up. I often mix strobes and tungsten lights of very different power outputs and still get away with not using lightmeter.

I am so familar with the light outputs of each lights and their modifiers, I can guess exposures at different distance and power outputs very close most of time. With the help of LCD screen and histogram, it wasn't a problem.

I never work with fill ratio either, I can judge the shadow density from LCD screen to determine the fill. It works for me but may not work for most others.

I think there is no need to advocate what's is right or wrong, what is professional or amatuer...when it comes to lighting.

I tend to think outside the box, so I nearly will do things with lighting opposite to what people advocate in their professional wisdom not to do. Then I would discover new things that are not bounded by text book style of lighting.
new things

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