Photography is WORTHLESS???

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Re: Resonance

what a jeanyers . . . er genuis

Joe Lavee wrote:
An empty barrel will give resonance, as well.

VictorDB wrote:


From the number of responses, reasoned or otherwise, it seems that
you have hit on an issue that has great resonance with us all. I
don't necessarily agree with you that as ART photography is worthless
nor that as a measure of its worth what images "stay" with you.

It's a matter of resonance again and it's clear that as individuals
we all respond and retain different things. In the 1990's I visited
the Guggenheim in NY and one of the exhibitions include the works of
Joel-Peter Witkin (there were some grotesque images if not entirely
to my taste in artistic terms) and similarly the works of Robert
Mapplethorpe, exquisite in detail but again not to my tastes. these
images stay with me reasons other than artistic appreciation (i.e. i
would not go out and shell out my shekels to obtain prints or books
about them).

Incidentally, I did not pay to enter the Guggenheim nor were the
photographic exhibitions the primary purpose for my visit.

I have handled Bert Hardy's original prints at the Photographer's
Gallery and those images stay with me and (dare I say) inspired me. I
value those pictures more than those of the former two
"photographers" but as a man who assigns "value" as a profession I
think that Mapplethorpe's pictures would be worth more.

Maybe what we have to appreciate that whilst we are all interested in
the same subject, we are all on very separate journeys and
disagreements on ART, WORTH and VALUE are ulitimately worthless.

Wishing you the best


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