AA and AAA NiMH low self-discharge tests--Round 2

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Re: AA and AAA NiMH low self-discharge tests--Round 2

Three month retention

AA NiMH low self-discharge sets

batt mAh var

battery 3 month var
ENL 1746 0.010
TPE 1590 0.065
HYB 1808 0.007
ACC 1696 0.019
RHY 1716 0.022

DPC 1821 0.012
ENO 1768 0.017
KPC 1874 0.034
AMX 1784 0.034
IME 1940 0.041
GRY 1872 0.029
RSK 1705 0.009

conventional AA reference cells

KOD 1012
RAY 605
NEX 533
TI24 0
TI26 781
LC20 1212
SY23 888
PW20 1259

AAA NiMH low self-discharge sets

battery 3 month var
HY8 594 0.062
IM8 758 0.024
AC8 632 0.024
EN8 734 0.019
DP8 734 0.001
GR8 788 0.029

Among the AA cells the Maha IMEDION have the best 3-month results by a clear margin. The Kodak and GP Recyko are essentially tied for second place. The low price and wide availability of the Kodak cells with that good performance will make them an excellent choice for many.

The GP Recyko AAA were clear victors in the AAA category. As their availability is a bit difficult, it is comforting that the IMEDION offering was quite competitive, with the Duracell and Eneloop models only moderately less capable.

The only good things to be said about the Radio Shack AA cells are that they are very widely available, at last in the USA, and that the cell-to-cell matching of the particular set of four I had under test was excellent--the best seen in my test.

The clear advantage of ALL of the low self-discharge models over ANY of my historic conventional AA NiMH cells is even more dramatic in the three month readout than it was at the 4-week readout.
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