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Re: I know...

JulesJ wrote:
mikey, you seem not to understand the resolution (eg 1440) that
printer manufacturers are quoting. It has little to do with your 180,
300 or 360 ppi print. It is a printer manufacturers thing and (for
me) best ignored.
Us Qimage and it works everything out for you and you need not worry
about all that stuff (too much.Lol.).

mikiev wrote:

I was just surprised to see a 2nd person, in the same thread,
equating 180 ppi as something less desireable than 300 dpi.... and so
was trying to highlight the fact that current printers are using
much-higher resolution than 300 dpi.


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Why can't you blow bubbles with chewing gum?

He's probably tired of defending himself now but it seems like it's you guys who don't understand him. From the text he quoted from Wikipedia, it seems like he knows the difference. Why would he choose to quote that part if he didn't understand that there was a difference?

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