Do you use colour meter's ?

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Re: Correct

Flashlight wrote:

I have one of these expensive meters and the only time I use it is to
match the color of my strobes with the color of available light. When
I want to set the WB in a non-mixed situation I use a Tempo paper
handkerchief over the lens while pointed at the light source and take
a Custom WB.

I keep a 3M microfiber cloth in my camera bag and have been using that to shoot a PRE. Since I don't have one of those expensive meters, I have never actually measured it. But this thread prompted me to take some shots of the WhiBal card placed on top of the cleaning cloth. An examination of those shots in Photoshop shows the cloth to be darn close to 18% grey. For all practical purposes, it really is a perfect 18% grey card.

For anyone interested, these cloths are a bit larger than most lens cleaning cloths (12 by 14 inches) and the 3M part number is 9027. They're widely available in retail stores for just a few bucks -- much cheaper than a WhiBal.

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