What interests you THE MOST in the 5D replacement?

Started Apr 16, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: What interests me most...

What interests me most is how many threads there are discussing
the features and specification of a camera that essentially doesn't exist.

It's similar with financial results of publicly owned companies: Once you have shares you are interested in the forecasts and results. Everybody builds up its mind with expectations, and when the financial results do not match the expected you say godby.

In the particular case of the 5D it has been an eternity of waiting, so expectation has been rising and rising. This will make it very difficult for Canon to actually meet the summed expectation. But it's their own fault - leting pass so much time.

And what is actually sad is all the time lost with posts about speculated MK II (I am not free of sin in this regard). This is lost time caused by Canon, so you know who has the main guilt.


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