Don't Buy 1D3 or 1Ds3 Until The Focus Issue Is Resolved

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Don't Buy 1D3 or 1Ds3 Until The Focus Issue Is Resolved

I have a strong feeling that it never will...

They've been having this problem for almost a year now???

Present owners may be due a new camera model(s).

Maybe the new firmware will fix the problem, maybe not.

Why take a chance?

In the latest firmware, there's only meager mention of improving servo focus under low contrast.

Folks, I was shooting the 1Ds3 on a nice sunny beach in Florida with the 400/5.6L and low contrast wasn't the problem.

It was so bad I thought I had a bad copy.

The mirror assembly had been worked on, replete with cleaning marks and a few droplets of dried cleaning fluid or whatever. Canon apparently tried to fix this copy before, to no avail.

Click on my profile and read my posts recounting my experience with the camera.

No, I have not been using it for four months.

But I am an experienced photographer. If there's a problem I usually detect it as I do different types of photography from back when people tended to specialize.

I was last on this forum near its inception under a different username (I forgot the password). Back then near the advent of dSLR popularity the Fuji S2 was new on the block. I discovered and documented track/patterned noise in the S2 shadow. You may be able to do a search in the Fuji SLR forum.

Back then I was posting about CA and other lens problems. I was pointing out CA when people hadn't a clue what chromatic aberration was. No mention of CA, distortion, etc., in tests done here on this then novice site.

Back then people had no thought about the digital bodies and how substandard they were. People were enthralled by the digital aspect of it. I was pointing out how bad the cameras were, the design problems, etc., on this and other messageboards.

In short, I have a long perspective on these things which allows me to assess the situation pretty quickly.

And it is my opinion that this focus issue is real, I have experienced it, and likely it will not go away short of a redesign of the focusing subsystem.

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