Do you use colour meter's ?

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Re: Do you use colour meter's ?

peterjohn36 wrote:

Many thanks for your reply, you have given me food for thought, I
have always shot in raw, just thought I would try Jpegs when going on

I considered that too. What I have done (and have been very happy about) is to shoot RAW take an old laptop with me and left in the hotel room or whatever. At the end of the day I can copy all of the images to the hard drive; even burn a DVD.

Now, this laptop is really ancient and underpowered. Capture NX? No way. Ditto for CS3 et al. But it will run IrfanView, and fast. I can view the images, extract or make JPEGs, do simple edits, mail them and more. I've even had prints made while we were travelling. And when I get home, I have a full set of RAW images and all of the processing options that implies.

This strategy has worked well for me and I think it's delivered the best of all worlds. And it works with cheap/ancient/underpowered laptops too!

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