Do you use colour meter's ?

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Re: Do you use colour meter's ?

malch wrote:

peterjohn36 wrote:

Just thought out of interest how many use this meter to get the
kelvin correct, rather than using the card. I am not including PP on
this thread as we all know the answer to PP.

I think it's probably not a good idea.

If you look at most RAW converters, you'll see there are TWO sliders
associated with white balance. A color temp (more correctly,
correlated color temp) and a tint.

Most standalone meters only measure the temp and not the tint. The
one's that measure both are very expensive and require frequent

So unless you're willing to a small fortune on these instruments,
you're much better off taking advantage on the WB features that Nikon
built into your camera and maybe a grey card or Expodisk when you
really need to get it right.

Many thanks for your reply, you have given me food for thought, I have always shot in raw, just thought I would try Jpegs when going on holiday, I also have lightroom so can change the WB with in it on Jpegs, think I might keep to the same formatt.


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