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Re: Battery charger & Media Card

ghall24 wrote:

Hi, I have a FZ50 on the way, and would like to know if a battery
charger comes with it, and what is the best media card to use? It's
replacing a Olympus Sp-550 UZ 18x optical & we're excited about the
change. Olympus sleep mode is a killer, and focusing on the 18x is
more difficult than the Olympus UZ 1o0X we had before the 18X . . .
Any help appreciated
Gus Hallgren

It comes with a charger... I also have a few cheap generic extra batteries and a cheap car charger too... The pany charger is not car corded, while the cheap generic charger can be used both in-house & in-car..

For cards, I also use dirt cheap OCZ, Patriot & PQI 2gig SD that are 133x or 150x... Some insist paying 2-4 times as much for Sandisk is worth it but so far I don't really see why. Likewise for the batteries.. $40-$60 for an official Pany bat just doesn't make sense, when $5 cheap generics are around... I've not had a generic swell or blow up in the 3 years i've been rotating them in with the official Pany batteries, nor have i noticed any major diff in how long the cheapies last nor have I had one die yet neither...

FYI, should you want to go larger than 2 gig capacity with your cards.. Remember SDHC is "Required" for more than 2 gig card capacities in later model Panys... So a 4 gig SD would not be used in its entirety in the FZ50... The cam will only recognize 2 gig of the 4 gig SD, while all 4 gig would be used if it's an SDHC.. As well 8 & 16gig SDHC have also been reported fully usable in their entirety....

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