Do you use colour meter's ?

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Re: Do you use colour meter's ?

Lighthog wrote:

The Gossen Sixticolor is German made. Very high quality plastic body.
The meter is very simple with a dial to set film types and calculate
the color correction and color compensation filter needed. In digital
age, it reads out color temperature in K, which can then be set to
the D300 directly. BTW, the meter does not need battery.

Full sun with white cloud (not blocking the sun) reads 5400K
Full sun with clear blue skies reads 7000K
Overcast reads 7000 to 9000K
5000K curly flu bulbs reads 5200K
3500 curly flu bulbs reads 3200K
2700 curly flu bulbs reads 2500K

I also have a similar age Gossen LunaPro lightmeter. In 35 years, I
never have to change the battery (No need for Deoxit when it is built
right : )


Thanks for the information, am going to go for one will be interesting in the end results.


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