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The answer is "it depends". I use AF-ON exclusively, and discovered a possible trap in using dynamic area 9/21/51. At the point you press AF-ON the camera trys to "lock on" to the whatever object is in the selected focus area. If you acquire focus and release AF-ON without shifting the camera you will have locked the focus on that object.

However, if you press AF-ON while one object (say an eye) is in the selected focus area, and without releasing AF-ON move to another object (for example the other eye), the camera will try to remain focused on the first object by using another focus area. This won't show in the viewfinder (ignoring 51pt. 3d in this discussion), but will show as a red focus indicator in the LCD after the shot. My normal mode is to press AF-ON early and swing the camera to pick the desired focus object, so I don't normally want to the camera to be "sticky". I also have the lock-on setting at off.

I leave the camera in single area focus as a rule, and only move to dynamic when there is a reason, i.e. tracking moving subjects when it may be easy to slip off of the initial focus object. And I leave the camera set at 9 pt. to maximize performance if I do go to dynamic area.

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