EC20 - maybe it's quite ok after all...

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Re: EC20 - maybe it's quite ok after all...


Sorry I can't post links to soccer photos since the girls are all in high school. I might put one or two up in a bit...I'm getting about 100 or so each game we're posting to a common website.

So far all I can say is I'm getting happier and happier with the combo. I should do some 50-200 at 200 blown up 200% and compare against the 50-200 with EC20 at gut instincts at this point tell me that "sharp" EC20's would beat the 50-200 at 200%. With the E3 and good light I'm finding the tracking shots really good...firing in C-AF at 5 fps is pretty good, not 100% but few that are way off either in front or back focused.

With the EC20 on you also have the advantage of seeing a little better in the viewfinder what you're focus point is locked long as there is good light. Even under stadium lights I don't find the viewfinder too dark but my shutter speeds just get too high even with 1600 and 3200 ISO which I don't find too objectionable when printed out! On the monitor they look a little nasty.

Also, with these soccer photos I'm not put in a position where I "have" to get the shot! In fact, sometimes I just watch most of the game from the end's pretty quiet there and no fans bickering about the officiating under their breath or louder.

Lastly, with the EC20 and 50-200 there's tons(!) of reach all the way down the field!


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