Decision time help: 1D MKII yay or nay?

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Decision time help: 1D MKII yay or nay?

Greetings! Whilst this is my first post, I have been an avid reader of these forums of late. I certainly intend for this thread to be new. I think my angle is, and I shall greatly appreciate any help you can give me - and I also hope this thread becomes of use for others with a similar decision on hand. I look forwards to your advice, suggestions and reflections of sanity - as I'm getting wrapped up in focusing on a very cool product and want to make sure I'm basing my decision on sound needs and not just camera envy.

Bottom line: I'm on the verge of deciding to buy a Canon 1D MK III. This is a significant purchase (mainly because of the wife ;-)) If you don’t know what that means you are not married

Camera History: Original Rebel for 6 months before speed limitations (fps & boot up) forced 20D upgrade. Since Feb 2005 I have used and loved this camera.

Photographer level: Amateur; Shoot Program manual 80% of the time – often purely because of speed requirements (capturing the moment). Have been shooting more and more M when time for composition allows. Passionate about learning best approaches for f/s settings.

Photography history and needs: Prior to DSLR I have shot digital since my late '99 finepix 1.2 megapixel baby. Have 50K+ photos amassed since '99. Initially bulk were social, as I learned photography through a series of point I shoots I began to capture more and more beyond the social. I love capturing the moment; consider myself my own private reporter - action shots, interesting happenings and obscure angles appeal to me. In addition to that landscape and artistic shots are important. Family and friend, and friends children (fast moving little blighters) have amp'd up the need for speed and will continue to do so. I travel allot (30 countries and counting) and take photos wherever I go, camera takes allot of abuse. I have a burning desire to shoot more, and more, and more...

Recent technology considerations: Wanted full frame for some time for a few reasons. Mainly want to "get what I see" through the view finder. Fed up with composing a shot only to have it not what I wanted. Have been interested in 5D for 12 months. "5d MKII" rumors very irritating Wish I could get my hands on the filthy blighters who started these. Not married to full frame, think 1.3x might be good regarding wildlife.

Aside: I work in technology and refuse to buy a hi-tech product which despite solid core competencies will clearly be superseded in the very near future. I am very much a member of the early majority when it come to cameras to have waited for bugs to be ironed out - am aware of AF problems with 1D MKIII. AKA I'm not an early adopter on this one, no bugs please

Pressing needs: Safari & Gorilla Trekking in October. A very expensive, once in a life time opportunity. Very dry and dusty and wet respectively. This trip for me is as much about capturing the moments in photographs as it is experiencing them. As mentioned more little people running about is something that begs a faster camera. The desire to capture those elusive 'photojournalistic' moments whilst traveling be it about town or exotic locals. Being able to capture more wildlife here in the Pacific Northwest - I've seen three bald eagles this week!

I plan to keep the 20D, and the EF-S lenses as back up and for light trips around town. And continue to build on my 50mm 1.4 and 24-105mm 4L with eventually more and more exotic glass into that collection.

Why am I justifying the 1D MKIII;
Safari, Gorilla Trekking
Tough and resilient build, ideal for the rigors of travel
What you see is what you get, view finder
SPEED: Wild life and personal 'photojournalism'
Little ones
Future proof
Picture quality (richness of 14bit)

Think I’m not married to full frame anymore, espc. With the reasonable crop of 1.3x on the MK III – 1.6 is massive, 1.3 is reasonable and still gives a bit extra zoom.

So there we have it. Love to get your feedback. Suggestions on alternatives. And of course, if it makes sense... validation.

P.S. I took my EF lenses down to the local camera store yesterday and had a play with a 1D MKIII. And with the rental lens I plan to take on Safari (100-400L). It was heavy, but boy oh boy was it sweet. Going back to the 20D after that really accentuated the differences.

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