Who REALLY cares about your pictures?

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Who REALLY cares about your pictures?

Discounting pros, who have to please clients, have any of you ever thought about who REALLY cares about the pictures you take ? Sure your family loves to look at the kids' soccer / dance recital and newborn pictures,. But seriously, how many people REALLY care to look at your race / concert / bird photos that you work so hard to perfect ?

Most of my pictures are travel images, and my husband will look at the keepers once on pbase, (mostly just to please me !), and will nod appreciatively at the ones I print, but other family members have zero interest. It is my observation, that "forum friends" here are the folks who show the most interest, as most people I know can barely operate a p/s camera on auto, and have no clue that an image can look better than what the local pharmacy can provide right out of their camera.

So I've kind of determined that we must do this mostly as a personal challenge to try do improve our skills and please ourselves with our efforts . The quest for the sharpest lens, or one with "perfect bokeh" which seems to occupy so many of us here, is inconsequential to anyone else who happens to glance briefly at our efforts.

What is your opinion ?

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