D3 APS Compact - Bear with me

Started Apr 26, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Denyerec Regular Member • Posts: 475
D3 APS Compact - Bear with me

We all know that compact cameras suck for the same reasons every time:

  • inadequate manual control

  • slow handling

  • shocking low light performance

  • Too many megapixels, too much mush

Fuji got halfway there with the F31 which is sadly now discontinued, but on the whole compact cameras suc k the hardest at what they're used for the most - Indoor low light photography.

Given that the Sigma DP1 has proven that an APS sized sensor can be deployed within a compact framework (Heck, before digital compact cameras were tending toward APS film cans anyway), I ask out there to the knowledgeable types...

... Would a compact camera using the APS portion of a D3 sensor be viable? I am wondering if the high cost of the D3 sensor is due to the FX sensor fab limitations and complexities and whether an APS unit could be more economically produced.

The D3 can do a DX crop to 5.x Megapixels, perfect for a compact. Its low light performance is stellar, the colour rendition great righout out of the camera, and IIRC as a CMOS device it's less power hungry than a CCD.

Pack that into a nice rugged body with manual controls and a hotshoe & PC socket, and I really think Nikon could ruin a lot of other manufacturer's days.

I'd drop a lot of money on a compact that actually performs reasnobly well, as I am sure many other keen photographers would too. I just wish one manufacturer somewhere would grow some balls and make one!

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