D300 Revolution: Changing my shooting style

Started Apr 23, 2008 | Discussions thread
Benwellhopper Contributing Member • Posts: 548
Its not a video camera

If you want to save time just shoot less. Think of the raw processing thats got to be done This makes you more conservitive than the "percentage of keepers" attitude that is the prevail of ametures Plus shooting raw lets you convert to tiff for publications/printing as opposed to j-peg for web use. Imagine the horror of taking a very saleable "art image" yet being told that it has no commercial use because its not Tiff.

If pp-ing is really hacking you off do what they did in the film days and send your files off for processing with your requirements (incidently some people win compititions using this method)

Besides I cant understand people spending the best part of £2000 on a quality camera system then restricting its output to that of a sub £300 compact. perhaps its to look pro

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